SoMMA Camp Book '99
"It's all good!"

Ah, Memories

The Pyramid
Sam's Tympani Solo
23 Flutes! It's a new record!
The Barefoot Ensemble strikes again.
The force is with us
Chubby Bunny Winner. Amanda S. How many
    are in there?
How many cases of IBC?
The counselors' late night emergency runs to
   town for food.
Boden's first flute experience
Sam's slide whistle cadenza
Perspectives class: John's listening lesson, Ar-
   dith's pearls of wisdom, Barry's Theremin,
   Chris O's "lecture" and instrument repair and 
An awesome solo recital!
Shower parties
What's my time?
Biddeford Tigers rule.
Sprained 2 fingers in 4 days.
Vowel Movement
Caryn's portable home
Killer keep-away at the beach
Measure 69
Pow-wow in Amanda's room
Lee and the Lunch ladies




Somma Quotables!

Pat is a really nice guy!
I want to throw a buttered roll at that guy's head- Mark
Royal 3 Spade spankin'
Intensity Coach
Yes Coach. Right away sir.
Melissa, I feel your pain!
Cheezy balls- they're crunchy.
How hangeth the hammer?
Everyone's got something that they don't like about   
     camp; mine's the kids. -Pat
He's a cross between Obi Wan Kenobi and Walker:   
      Texas Ranger.
I have a problem. My stomach needs Chinese food.
If you're early, you're on time; if you're on time, you're
Rubber Glove
Fix your collar, you look like a putz.
Welcome to my personal space.
The metronome is your friend.
There's always room for Cello.
Making my bed changed my life.
Don't yawn.
Hey Sam, catch!
Laura, I have a problem. My keys are stuck in the tree.
Ta-day, ta-day!
Has Brad B. Alderman checked in yet?
Where are Lee's pants?
Slap your own thighs.
Release the trombones, let them free.
Rambunctious Sleigh Bells.
Happy Sammy Land
Nick, the saw playing saxophone.
Letter O Ready Go.
Spanish Dog
Saxophones sound like a bunch of angry bees.
A few pickles short of a Big Mac.
Go far from me. (again)
Stop that!
Get in my Belly!
After I get done with this it will be "Burning Prisms".
Put me in Coach!
Do it or I will.
Got a pencil?
Biff from behind = John



The Chief says…..

Thank-you sir may I have another.
You got that going for you.
It's good to be the chief.
Hitting the board is better than not
   hitting the board.
I love you guys.
That's an affirmative Ghost Rider.
Negative Ghost Rider. Fly by.
I said to my wife with the wooden 
   leg, Peg.
I said to my wife with the glass eye,
Speak to me sweet lips.
Lippy the Lion.
Houston we have a problem.
Border patrol.


Top 10 Things to Do
While Under House Arrest

10. Pow wow in Amanda and Emily's room
9. Soda Can Bowling
8. Study Choreography
7. Do Multiple Loads of Laundry
6. Knock on Dave and Justin's door a dozen times.
5. Catch Moths for a late night snack.
4. Fight over the phone.
3. Lean out the windows.
2. Practice your sleuthing skills.
1. Drive the counselors absolutely insane!